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This adventure began by chance five years ago when I learned that a highly respected Israeli mathematician had discovered a hidden code in the Bible that revealed modern events. I went to see Eli Rips one evening in June of 1992, thinking I would know within an hour that there was nothing to his claim.

In the five years since then, we have spoken at least weekly, and met many times. The overwhelming evidence that the Bible code is real came from many sources, but this book could not have been written without Eli's constant help.
It was written independently of him, however, and the views expressed in it are not his, except for his quoted remarks.

Many Israeli scholars assisted my research. Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz gave me much of his valuable time. Yakir Aharonov, a leading physicist, helped me understand some of the difficult scientific concepts that may be involved. Robert Aumann, who investigated Rips' work more thoroughly than any mathematician, met with me repeatedly and patiently explained the proofs of the code.

A number of Israeli government officials have also helped in important ways.

I won't thank them by name, because in the current environment that might make their jobs more difficult.

Several friends took time to read, criticize, and encourage. One, John Larsen, did far more. John was the first friend I told about the Bible code, and he was the first person to read this book in manuscript. His advice has been incredibly good at every step, and to the extent this book works it owes much to him.

Jane Amsterdam joined in at a critical later stage, full of enthusiasm. Both she and John took chances for me, and did naturally, without hesitation, things that took courage.

My friend and attorney, Michael Kennedy, was involved from the beginning, and, as he has all through my life, helped in every way. His associate, Ken Burrows, a true author's lawyer, kept the project on course.

Finally, I want to thank my translator, Gilad, a brilliant young Israeli whose grandfather helped make Hebrew a living language again after World War II, and my research assistants Hillary and Elizabeth.

And especially Vendela, who worked with me every day and helped me write this book. I would not have made it without her.