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Reporting is the first rough take on history. This book is the first full account of a code in the bible that reveals events that took place thousands of years after the bible was written.

So, perhaps, it is the first rough take on the future.

We have just begun to understand the bible code. It is like a jigsaw puzzle with an infinite number of pieces, and we only have a few hundred, or a few thousand. We can only guess at the complete picture.

The only thing I can state with certainty is that there is a code in the bible, and in a few dramatic cases it has foretold events that then happened exactly as predicted.

There is no way to know if the code is also right about the more distant future.

I have tried to deal with this story the way I've dealt with every other story: as an investigative reporter. I've spent five years checking out the facts.

Nothing is taken on faith.

I have confirmed every discovery in the bible code on my own computer, using two different programs—the same one used by the Israeli mathematician who first found the code, and a second program written independently of him.

I also interviewed the scientists in the united states and Israel who investigated the code.

Many of the events described in the book were witnessed by me. Accounts of other events are based on interviews with persons directly involved, or were confirmed by published news reports.

Detailed notes on each chapter, notes on all the illustrations, and a reprint of the original experiment that proved the reality of the bible code, appear at the end of the book.

My goal has been to report what is encoded in the bible exactly as I would have reported a story from the police blotter when I was at the Washington post, exactly as I would have reported a story from a corporate boardroom when I was at the wall street journal.

I am not a rabbi or a priest, not a bible scholar. I have no preconceived beliefs, and only one test—the truth.

This book is not the last word. It is the first report.